Fun Things To Do in Knoxville

8 Excellent Tips To Help Organize Your West Knoxville Home

Organizing your West Knoxville home isn’t always easy. Here are 8 excellent tips to help organize your West Knoxville home. 1. Day to day clutter in your West Knoxville home can be difficult to contain when […]

Knoxville Ranks #2 On Best College Sports Town List

Knoxville is among one of the best college sports towns, according to This may not be a shock to most Knoxville residents who know there is not better time than football time in Tennessee or […]

3 Reasons Why Buyers Love West Knoxville

There are a lot of reasons why buyers love the West Knoxville area. It can be hard to choose just one reason why the West Knoxville area attracts a great deal of home buyers, so we […]

Do You Know The 5 Most Germ-Infested Items In Your Knoxville Home?

Regardless of how clean you keep your Knoxville home, germs can linger in some unexpected places. In this Knoxville Home How To, we explore the top 5 most germ-infested items in your Knoxville home and how […]

Things To Do In Knoxville To Celebrate The 4th of July

The 4th of July holiday is almost upon us. The Knoxville area a plentiful array of things to do to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. If you haven’t decided how to spend your 4th of […]

Knoxville’s Annual Duck Race 2014

Knoxville’s Annual Duck Race will take place this year on July 4th in World’s Fair Park. The duck race helps raise money for the Boy’s & Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley. This year’s race will […]

Staging Solutions To Help Sell Your West Knoxville Home Fast

When searching for a West Knoxville home for sale, buyers want to be able to picture themselves in a home. Home staging your West Knoxville home can play a large role in helping sell your West […]

5 Signs That You’re Not Ready To Buy A West Knoxville Home For Sale

For many West Knoxville residents, the decision to rent or buy can be a tricky one. While there can be many benefits to buying a West Knoxville home for sale, there are also many benefits to […]

Knoxville International Biscuit Festival Takes Place May 15-18

  Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival is upon us once again. This year it takes place on May 15th-18th in Market Square. For four days, downtown Knoxville celebrates all things biscuit. Whether you’ve gone every year or […]