Waterfront Living In East Tennessee: 3 Lakefront Restaurants You Must Try

There are many waterfront living options in East Tennessee. Being part of a community that enjoys waterfront amenities, offers you the opportunity to enjoy living right near the lake. Whether you like boating, swimming, or just […]

The Big Orange Press Named One Of The Top 25 Knoxville Blogs

The Big Orange Press has been named one of the Top 25 Knoxville Blogs & Websites by The Big Orange Press ranked #19 on the overall list of Top 25 Knoxville Blogs & Websites. In order […]

[West Knoxville Mortgages] Do I Really Need To Get Pre-Approved?

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4 Key Ways To Identify A Good Knoxville Home Inspector

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How To Do A Final Walk-Through Of Your Farragut Home

A final walk-through is done before closing on a Farragut home for sale. A final walk-through gives a buyer the chance to have one last look at the Farragut home prior to closing, to ensure everything […]

Knoxville Buyers – Don’t Do These 3 Things When You’re In A Bidding War

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What Documents You Need To Apply For A Knoxville Mortgage

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Knoxville Real Estate – Will 2015 Be The Year Millenials Decide To Buy?

Zillow has predicted that 2015 will be the year that many in the millennial generation finally buy their first home. Zillow’s predictions go so far as to say that millennials will over take Generation X as […]