Knoxville Named 5th Friendliest City To Small Businesses

Knoxville has been named the 5th friendliest city to small businesses, according to Thumbtack.com. This is the fourth annual Small Business Friendliness Survey conducted by Thumbtack. The website graded each city based on the following items: […]

Don’t Fall For These 5 Lies During Your West Knoxville Home Search

When you start searching for West Knoxville homes for sale, you will receive a lot of different advice from people. Everyone from your family, your friends, and co-workers will want to give their two cents. While […]

4 Tax Breaks For West Knoxville Homeowners

It’s almost tax time again. As a West Knoxville homeowner, there are many different tax breaks to take advantage of. If you’re like any West Knoxville homeowner, you’re likely wanting to take advantage of any tax […]

15-Minute Fixes For Around The Home

Home maintenance is an ongoing project. There's always something to do around the house, or something to fix. The problem is, you may not have the time, or the skills, to get it done yourself. In this 4-minute piece from The Today Show on NBC, you'll see some projects are quite simple.

Home Renovations That Increase Your Resale Value

Not all home improvements are created equal. Especially if you're looking for "resale value" back from your work. An article from the Wall Street Journal lays it out cleanly. Function beats flash these days so be wary of where you spend.

Fall Is Here..Time To Clean The Gutters

Gutters are designed to funnel rainwater away from a home. Properly working gutters help keep a home's basement from filling with water, and protect a home's foundation from long-term, structural damage, and keep a roof in tip-top shape.

The Right Way To Take A Cash Gift For Downpayment

As lenders tighten mortgage guidelines, minimum downpayment requirements are increasing. It's leading to an increase in the number of buyers accepting cash gifts from family. There's a right and wrong way to accept a gift.

Shopping For Mortgage Rates Is Part Research Skills, Part Luck

Shopping for mortgage rates takes more than good research skills. It takes a little bit of luck, too.

Should You Refinance Your ARM, Or Let It Adjust Lower?

If your adjustable rate mortgage is due to adjust this year, don't go rushing to replace it just yet. Your soon-to-adjust mortgage rate may actually go lower this year.