Knoxville Neighborhoods – 3 Tips To Choose The Right One For You

MontgomeryCoveEntranceBuying a home is a big decision. The price needs to be right. The home needs to have the amenities that you want. It needs to feel like it is the right place to truly call home. But, what about choosing your Knoxville neighborhood?

Check out these tips for choosing a Knoxville neighborhood.

1. Consider the location of your Knoxville neighborhood. They say real estate is all about location, location, location, but what about location is important to you? Do you want to be close to work? Or, is it more important to be close to other things such as grocery stores, restaurants, or shopping? When buying a home, consider what aspects of location will be most important to you and focus on finding a home in that area. This will be a huge part of daily life for you – it will be the time it takes you to get to work or to get to the store.

Another aspect of choosing your location is not only what aspects of that location are important to you, but what are the additional costs of the location.  How much gas will you have to use to get to work or other places you will commonly run errands? How high will your property taxes be? And, will there are Homeowner’s Association dues? These are all factors that can incur additional cost and should be taken into consideration when purchasing a home.

2. What amenities are you looking for in your Knoxville neighborhood? Knoxville neighborhoods have a lot to offer buyers. Some come with community pools, boat docks, clubhouses, tennis courts, or all of the above.  But which of these amenities are important to you? Or, is there something else you’re looking for? This will help you narrow down your housing search, since you will know what areas that you want to look.

3. Get a feel for what the Knoxville neighborhood is like. Not only is important for the neighborhood to have the amenities and location you want, it is also important that the neighborhood is a place that feels like home to you. What one person finds desirable about a place and what sends another person running for the hills is a truly personal call.  It is important to spend sometime getting a feel for what the location is like. Take a walk or drive around the area to ensure it has the feel you are looking for.  Or, try talk to someone who lives there.  More than likely, they will freely answer questions about safety, schools, commute times, or any other questions you may have about what it is like living there.

When you buy a home, you should love both the home and the location. If you are interested in buying a home in Knoxville or in the greater Knoxville area, I would be more than happy to share my knowledge of the area.  Feel free to give me a call at 865-696-9002 or send me an email.

What are you looking for in your home search? What is important to you about your home’s location?