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Selling Your Knoxville Home

How To Cut Down On The Stress While Selling Your Knoxville Home

Selling your Knoxville home is stressful. As a seller, you can have a million thoughts running through your head. Will your home sell? How long will it take to sell? How much will it sell for? How much time will you have to move?  With all the unknowns, it is […]

How To Get Rid Of Pet Smells In Your Knoxville Home

Lingering pet smells can be dire when you’re trying to sell your Knoxville home. For example, last week, I was showing a home to one of my buyers, upon walking into the one of the homes we were greeted with a very strong smell of pet odors, it was like […]

Why Hasn’t My Knoxville Home Sold? 3 Reasons Why It Hasn’t

Selling your Knoxville home isn’t always easy. If you’ve been unlucky enough to have your home sit on the market for longer than you’ve liked, you’re likely looking for reasons why. Regardless of the time of year or market conditions, here are 3 reason why your Knoxville home may have […]

3 Things To Do If Your Knoxville Home For Sale Hasn’t Sold

If you Knoxville home for sale has spent a month or two on the market, chances are you’re probably frustrated. Here are 3 things to do if your Knoxville home for sale hasn’t sold after a few months on the market. Do A Reality Check When it comes to selling […]

9 Tips For Selling Your Knoxville Home…

Here are 9 quick tips to keep in mind if you’re selling a Knoxville Area Home First impressions matter – The single biggest marketing event for a property is when it first comes on the market. You will receive the highest number of website views and in-person showings during the […]

Pricing Your Knoxville Home To Sell!!

The real estate market in Knoxville has changed more in the past couple years than I believe it changed during the prior 10 years combined. The number of ready, willing and capable buyers today is at the lowest level I have seen while the number of homeowners who truly need […]