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4th of July in West Knoxville

Red, White, and Knoxville: How to Celebrate the 4th of July in West Knoxville

Double the fun and excitement as you celebrate the 4th of July in West Knoxville! Check out these recommended activities this 2023.

Tupelo Honey Farragut: Debuting 2024

There’s something genuinely magical about Southern cooking. The way each ingredient mingles to create a symphony of flavors, the familial comfort in every bite, and the promise of a story woven into the fabric of every […]
HOA Communities in West Knoxville

Why Homebuyers Should Consider HOA Communities in West Knoxville

Discover vibrant HOA Communities in West Knoxville. Get recommended neighborhoods from top realtors at Big Orange Press.
Home Financing in West Knoxville

Home Financing in West Knoxville: Best Options For You

Find out where you can get the best options for home financing in West Knoxville when buying a new home in this article.
Whit's Custard in Farragut

Whit’s Custard In Farragut Is Now Open

Whit’s Custard In Farragut Is Now Open Greetings, ice cream aficionados. 🍦 Whit’s Frozen Custard is now open in Farragut! So, shall we unravel the story of Whit’s and discover what makes them so unique? A […]

Dog-Friendly Brunch Spots In Knoxville

Attention, dog devotees and brunch aficionados! We’ve got the inside scoop on Knoxville’s top dog-friendly brunch spots, where you and your canine companion can dig into some mouthwatering dishes. Get ready to embark on a culinary […]

Guide to Farragut’s Hiking And Walking Trails

Spring is here! Now is a great time to get out and enjoy Farragut’s hiking and walking trails. And this is why I love Farragut, Tennessee so much. As a developer, you HAVE to connect your […]
West Knoxville Local Realtor

5 Benefits of Working With a West Knoxville Local Realtor

Gain the upper hand over your competitors when buying or selling property by working with a West Knoxville local realtor. Take the chance now!

Why Are People Moving To Knoxville?

During 2022, Knox County saw some of the state’s largest increases in population. According to the Tennessee State Data Center, the state’s population added around 83,000 people in 2022. So, why are people moving to Knoxville, […]