Knoxville First To Get Stimulus Package!!

Mike Hamilton

It doesn’t matter how big of a sports fan you are of the VOLS. What Athletic Director Mike Hamilton and I’m sure a few others at the University of TN have done with hiring the coaching staff for the football team is OUTSTANDING in my opinion. Believe me I love to watch the VOLS play but I’m not this huge sports nut who can tell you all these stats about all the different teams and players.

Not being a native of Knoxville and from the Midwest and attending games in Ann Arbor and Columbus. I have never seen a town that goes CRAZIER than Knoxville

on game day. This town loves it’s VOLS and it loves them to win games every week.

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin the new head coach for the VOLS has excited this town with a new energy we haven’t seen for awhile with our football team. He seems to be a very talented young coach that is going to do great things for the VOLS. He is surrounding himself with a super coaching staff his father Monte Kiffin and Ed Orgeron just to name a few.

That is what I mean by Knoxville First To Get Stimulus Package!! Because with a winning football team Knoxville is going to see Millions of dollars pouring into our economy which is good for everyone. So hats off to everyone who help put this all together and let’s all get together as we look for a very bright future for our team and GO VOLS!!

In the meantime if you need help either selling or buying here in Knoxville give me a call. We can talk about your real estate needs and How Bout Them VOLS!!