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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Top 7 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Worry less about your home during the fall and winter season. Check out the Fall home maintenance checklist for guidance.
Home Selling in Knoxville

Benefits of Virtual Tour in Home Selling in Knoxville

Using technology puts you at an advantage over your competitors. Discover the benefits of virtual tours in home selling in Knoxville.

Should You Sell Your Home Before You Buy A Knoxville Home?

Should you sell your West Knoxville home before you buy? Or, should you buy a West Knoxville home before your sell? Depending on your financial situation, this may or may not be an option. But, for those buyers who do have the flexibility before they buy they sell, they may […]

Why You Should Sell Your West Knoxville Home This Winter

Are you thinking about selling your West Knoxville home this year? At the start of every new year, people often make resolutions or plans for what they hope to accomplish in the new year. Oftentimes, it’s to lose weight. Or, put more money into savings. Or, maybe finally take a […]

Here’s How To Make Your Knoxville Move Easier

Let’s be honest. Moving stinks. While buying or selling a Knoxville home can be worthwhile, the actual move can be a bit miserable. There’s packing to be done, movers to hire, setting up new utilities, among many other things. In short,  there’s a lot to do to prepare for you […]

Could A Knoxville Realtor Save You Money?

Many people will forgo using a Knoxville realtor to save a bit of money. But, what if using a Knoxville realtor could actually save you money? In this post, we’ll cover how a Knoxville realtor could actually save you some money. Realtors Know How To Price A Home Realtors are […]

5 Ways A FSBO Underestimate The Complexities Of Selling A Home

Real estate transactions are full of complicated idiosyncrasies that can make them tough to navigate without the proper knowledge or training. As an FSBO seller, without the benefit of much, if any real estate sales experience, you run the risk of unnecessary liability and financial loss. Still, there are many […]

Keeping Your Home Safe During Home Showings

Showings may be one of the toughest parts of selling your West Knoxville home. Sure, they can be a bit of an inconvenience. But, there’s also that little part of you that worries about strangers walking through your home. Still, if you want to sell your home, you’re going to […]

Knoxville Homes For Sale – Have You Picked The Right Agent To Market Your Home?

In this day and age, a majority of Knoxville home searches start online. To be more specific, 90% of home buyer searched online during their home buying process, according to a joint study from Google and the National Association of Realtors. With that statistic in mind, it is obviously very […]