The Touch-Up Topper Replaces Expensive, Bulky Ironing Boards

The Touch-Up Topper is a space-saving ironing boardIroning boards can be bulky and awkward — especially in a cramped laundry room.

Instead of fumbling with a folding board for a quick press, look to the Touch-Up Topper instead.

The Touch-Up Topper is a heat-resistant, portable ironing surface that rolls or folds for storage.  Using sewn-in magnets, the quilted pad fastens to the top of most washers and dryers, turning any metallic surface into an instant ironing surface.

At 32″ x 18 1/2″, the Touch-Up Topper has a larger ironing surface than traditional ironing boards and it costs less, too.  The Touch-Up Topper costs $14.95 and is available for sale at SkyMall.