An Interactive Chart For Home Values

Visual Case-Shiller Index from the New York Times

The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index is a popular measure of domestic home prices, released monthly.

The index reports on the largest 20 U.S. markets, painting a broad picture of real estate values nationwide.

Despite the Case-Shiller Index’s two obvious flaws — (1) it only counts repeat sales on single-family residences, and (2) it only includes 20 major housing markets — the model makes it easier to identify broader real estate trends in our nation’s largest cities.

Data, though, is just data.  It often takes a good picture to bring it all home.  Enter The New York Times.

On its website, The Gray Lady has posted an interactive Case-Shiller graphic.  For each of the 20 cities studied, users can compare how home values rose versus the national composite throughout the early part of the decade, and how values have fallen since.

Not surprisingly, of the 20 cities that showed stable growth pre-2006, nearly all are outperforming in the current real estate climate.