The Flashing Garage Parking Signal Protects Your Car From Nicks And Dents

In an organized garage, every car has its space. 

Unfortunately, getting a car into that space isn’t always so easy.  At some point, most homeowners have pulled their car too far forward into the garage, nicking the car’s paint and finish. 

The Flashing Garage Parking Signal aims to solve the parking dilemma. 

The device is an adjustable, 44-inch tall parking aid that light up red when touched by a car.  It comes with a weighted base to prevent slippage and its pole is flexible to protect cars from damage. 

Aside from 2 batteries, there’s no assembly required.  Just place the device on the floor of your garage where you want your front bumper to stop and you’ll get a perfect, nick-free park job every time.

The Flashing Garage Parking Signal costs $17 at Amazon.