Housekeeping : How To Rotate A Mattress

If you’re not rotating your mattress every 3 months, you may be shortening its lifespan.  Constant nightly pressure can “wear out” the areas on which you sleep, creating in-bed divots and reducing your sleeping comfort.

The video above — “How To Flip a Mattress” — is pretty self-explanatory.  But there’s a few other steps you can take to protect your bed and your health.

First, consider the use of a mattress cover.  A mattress cover protects against spills and stains and can stop liquids from dripping inside of the mattress itself. Mattress covers are marked down 43% at right now and can be purchased for cheap at Bed Bath and Beyond, too. 

Second, each time you change your sheets, remember to vacuum the mattress surface.  A thorough cleaning will reduce the number of allergens and mites living on your bed, promoting better health hygiene.

And lastly, remember to occasionally apply an upholstery-grade cleaner to your mattress for stubborn stains or soilage.  Using this particular type of cleaner is important because the product is meant to be near human skin.  This is different from, say, carpet cleaner.

A good mattress can be expensive.  Extending its usable life is not.