How To Prepare Your Household For A Natural Disaster

In 2003, the Department of Homeland Security launched, a government website aimed at family, business and community disaster readiness.

Now, when the website talks about disaster readiness, it’s referring to more than just physical attacks on the county — it’s talking about natural disasters, too.  This includes hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and floods and these weather-related events impact the different parts of country each year.

The website is loaded with tips, notes and checklists, including the 3-minute “It Takes Just Three Steps To Get Ready For An Emergency” video featured above. 

If you’ve never watched it, take the time to watch it today.  Then, test your home’s disaster readiness, take this 10-question quiz.  There’s no “passing grade”, per se, but with your own answers, you’ll see where there’s room for improvement.

Disasters can’t be predicted and most of us will face them at least once in our lives.  When disaster strikes, therefore, make sure you prepared for it in advance.  Protecting your household is a matter of just 3 simple steps.