5 Step Program To Make Knoxville Home Buyers Home Search Easier.

Want to Know When The Best Knoxville Real Estate Listings Hit The Market?

Then you should consider my Preferred Partner Program to help you in your Knoxville home search. It will simplify your Knoxville home search, happyhousemake it easier and more enjoyable experience for you. I will save you time and money in your home purchase…. And it is totally FREE it cost you nothing to take advantage of my Preferred Partner Program.

Here are the 5 Steps to my Preferred Partner Program…….

1. Strategy session. We will setup a time to meet that is convenient with you to review all the paperwork involved in your Knoxville home purchase. During our meeting we will discuss you housing needs such as Knoxville areas in which you have interest bedrooms etc. If time is an issue for you we can also talk on the phone about your Knoxville housing needs and answer any question you may have about the process.

2. Home Search. I will setup a home search for you on TheBigOrangePress This search can be very specific for you to fit your needs. If you only want West Knoxville homes for sale in the $200,000-$250,000 price range. We can set the search up to email only those type of homes to you. We can get the search as specific as neighborhoods you may want. TheBigOrangePress.com gets updated daily from the Knoxville MLS so you will always have the most updated information.

3. Buyer 411. This is a service that will get you information on any Knoxville home for sale in the Knoxville MLS system. You simply dial my Buyer 411 home hot line and you will get all the information right there on your cell phone. The system will also email you or text message you any home you inquire about while you are driving around. So once you get home you can check out the homes on TheBigOrangePress.com to see interior pictures of the homes.

4.  Mortgage Loan. I have Great mortgage person for you to work with her name is Patty Francisco with Wells Fargo. Patty has over 20 years experience in the mortgage business and will be able to handle all of your Knoxville home loan needs.   You can contact Patty at 865-603-1099 or email. You can apply on line if it is easier for you.

5. The Closing. Once we have bought your home it will be time to get it closed.  Your closing will be handled by Title Partners of East TN. Our staff attorney is  Terry Adams . Terry has extensive background in the Knoxville Real Estate Business so your title work will be handled by one of Knoxville’s Best Title Attorneys.  Then the closing will be handle and coordinated by Amy Sullivan who has over 20 years of experience in the Knoxville Title Business. You can contact Amy 865-392-5802 or email

My Preferred Partner Program was created to make you Knoxville Home Buying experience a hassle free experience. I want to make sure your Knoxville TN Real Estate purchase is a pleasant and positive experience.

The program is of NO COST to you as a Knoxville home buyer.  Everything is right at my office so it is ONE STOP shopping for you. So if you would like to take advantage of the program or have any questions. Call me at 865-696-9002 or email me.

Thanks for stopping by TheBigOrangePress. Here is a short video on the program