VIDEO : How To Clean A Faucet Aerator

When sinks deliver low water pressure or “spray”, homeowners like to blame faulty plumbing.  A more likely culprit, however, is a neglected faucet aerator.  Built-up dirt and sediment eventually slow down water delivery on most faucet types.

In this 1-minute-40-second video, DIY expert Ron Hazelton demonstrates how to properly clean an aerated faucet, restoring pressure and water flow to the sinks in your home.

The steps are basic:

  • Close the drain so you don’t lose parts down the pipes

  • Unscrew the aerator with your hands

  • Disassemble and clean the parts

  • Reassemble the parts

  • Screw the aerator back on the faucet

Sometimes, weak water pressure isn’t a plumbing issue, but a cleanliness one instead.  Clean your aerators as part of your annual Spring Cleaning rites.