Replacing Chemical Bug Repellents With Electronic Bug Repellents In Your Home

When it comes to controlling pests, bugs and insects in the home, chemical deterrents are a common and effective remedy. 

Recently, however, because of environmental and safety concerns, electronic methods are growing in favor. Pest control chemicals can be very dangerous to humans.

Often, an electronic pest repellent is less effective than a similar, home-wide chemical treatment.  This is because of how electronic pest repellents work.

Rather than dosing pests with poison to kill them, the electronic devices work by emitting high-frequency soundwaves to disrupt insect communication patterns.

The soundwaves may also disrupt mating and reproduction.

There are a number of “name-brand” products for electronic pest control.  Among the more popular is Pest Offense, a plug-in device that retails for $30 and which has sold over 4 million units.  Black & Decker and Sunbeam have products in the space, too.

Electronic pest control isn’t perfect, but it’s safe for humans, pets and the environment.  It can also be less expensive than traditional pest control treatment.