Reduce Hot Water Waste With The Right Showerhead

In the past few years, the home appliance “green” movement has gone mainstream.

Thanks to new products carrying affordable price tags, today’s eco-conscious homeowners are finding it easier to protect both the environment and their household budgets at the same time.

One such earth-friendly product is the Roadrunner low-flow showerhead from Evolve.

The Roadrunner is an interesting product because it’s designed for how most people shower.

Because the water always starts cold, most of us will turn a shower on and then do other things while the water heats up.  Maybe we’ll brush our teeth or make the bed or something else to kill time.  All the while, heated shower water spills down the drain at the rate of two-and-a-half gallons per minute.

The Roadrunner halts the waste.

Once it senses the shower water has reached a comfortable 95 degrees, the Roadrunner showerhead slows the shower’s water flow to a trickle.  Just pull the attached cord, and the full flow returns.

Unlike its competitors, the Evolve Roadrunner saves water costs and energy costs — an estimated $250 in savings annually. It can be bought on for about $40, or at Evolve’s website.