Upside-Down : The Easy Way To Grow Tomatoes At Home In Knoxville TN

Grow tomatos upside-down

I have seen these crazy commercials on TV like everyone else. But couldn’t believe how well it worked until I saw them at a couple of my neighbors homes. Their tomatoes where HUGE and made a believer out of me. So I guess we are going to give it a try. Enjoy!!

Whether your home has ample room for a garden or just limited space on a balcony, upside-down planters make it easy to grow tomatoes at home.

Now, growing tomatoes upside-down may sound like a strange idea, but versus in-ground planting, free-hanging methods carry some distinct advantages:

  • There’s never a need to weed
  • Garden pests are rarely an issue
  • Only the tiniest of spaces are required

The hardest part of growing tomatoes upside-down, actually, is finding a suitable apparatus.

A quick look at YouTube shows no less than 105 How-To Videos and a search on Google turns up a similarly large set.  Clearly, making an upside-down planter can be a DIY project.

But if DIY is not your thing, Hammacher Schlemmer makes a suitable, $80 solution called The Upside Down Tomato Garden.  It’s pictured at right and measures 25″ square at its base — compact enough to fit most anywhere.

Let me know how your experience has been doing it…Leave me a comment…


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