Help! My Garbage Disposal Is Clogged!

I know this has happen to me many times our garbage disposal get’s clogged….. Of course it only happens when we have company over for the Holidays or a party. This is something I found for a quick and easy fix that has worked for me in times of trouble…

If you’ve ever dealt with a broken garbage disposal, you know that just having a plumber show up costs in the neighborhood of 65 dollars — even if the repair takes 30 seconds.

That’s why every homeowner should have basic, garbage disposal-fixing skills.  Most disposal repairs are the simple kind.

In this 2-minute video from, we learn the basic tools for fixing a jammed garbage disposal.  It’s nothing more than a broomstick, an allen wrench, and needle-nose pliers.  Anyone can do it, and it’s cheaper than calling for a pro.

Of course, for disposal problems bigger than a simple jam, there’s always Angie’s List.