The Knoxville Sellers’ Deadly Sins : How To Keep Your Home From Selling At Maximum Dollar

It’s a sensational headline — “The Sellers’ Deadly Sins” — but the message is clear.  Home sellers make mistakes that not only cost themselves thousands, but sometimes cost the sale, too.

NBC’s The Today Show lays it out cleanly in this 5-minute video:

  1. How to respond to an “insulting offer”
  2. How to handle the first purchase offer you receive
  3. What do when you can’t leave your home for its Open House
  4. What room in the home should be kept the neatest

But, be aware.  At the video’s end, there’s a piece of advice that may sound extremely self-serving coming from a real estate professional.  Don’t let it turn you off.  The video’s overall message is spot-on and the advice is real-world tested.

Selling a home is a process. Make sure to do it properly.