Use A Retractable Hose Reel To Simplify Yard Work

Sometimes, it’s not the yard work that’s so tough. It’s fighting the garden hose.

Tangles, kinks and hassle can turn watering the yard into a chore unto itself.

Especially if you have store your hose in the garage. Coiling water-logged, dirty tubing can be a real pain.

Enter the 100-foot retractable hose from Frontgate. Wall-mounted and commercial-grade, it’s a durable garden hose that simplifies yard work.

The half-inch diameter tubing extends from the casing which is on a 180-degree swivel.  Reaching all the corners of your lawn is a breeze.  And the hose retracts with little effort and no snags.

Plus, the plastic casing can protect your hose from the summer sun.

The Retractable 100-ft Hose Reel is available from Frontgate for $99. It comes with the 100-foot hose included.