Is The Knoxville Buyers Market Over??

Can You Still Get A Good Deal In The Knoxville Real Estate Market??

At some point in their lives, every home buyer in America has wondered “Is now the best time to buy a home?” In this 3-minute video, NBC’s The Today Show does a good job of answering the question.

The conclusion? Yes, but not if you’re going to overpay.

Some of the video’s tips include:

  • On what types of homes can you get the best prices
  • What you can learn from looking in a seller’s closet
  • How to identify a desperate seller

The piece also goes negative on short sales, noting the amount of time required to buy one.  Short sales typically do take longer to close versus a “traditional” purchase, but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided.

There’s plenty of bargains in the short sale arena, too.

In Knoxville you can still get a “good deal” you just need to educate yourself.  Pockets of opportunity remain, however, and the focused home buyer can still find a “good deal”.

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