5 Steps To Get The Best Deal On A Knoxville Home.

What You To Do To Get The Best Possible Deal On A Home In Knoxville

Today and Tomorrow I’m going to share with you “The 5 Things”. I have had my buyers do so they can get the best possible deal on their home purchase here in Knoxville.

#1  Get Approved For A Loan……

Find a reputable lender and setup a time meet and talk about all your financing options. Don’t just get a Pre-Approval Get a full blown Approval. Ask the lender before meeting what items you need to bring with you to the meeting. Most of the time it is your last 2 pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns. If you don’t know of a lender ask friends and family or a Realtor for a referral. This is a very important part of the buying process. You want to understand what your options for financing are before you start looking at homes. This way you know what price range you are going to shopping for a home in before you start looking.

#2 Get A Good Realtor To Work For You….

Most people don’t realize there are 2 types of agents.. Sellers Agents who work for the seller…Buyer Agents who work for YOU… Ask friends or family members for a referral if you don’t know anyone. You want and agent who works for you and represents your interest. Hiring an agent is going to cost you “ZERO” dollars. The transaction pays their fee so why would you go it alone…..

Tomorrow I will be covering Steps 3-5… Thanks for stopping by my site today.