In What Direction Should My Ceiling Fan Blades Rotate?

This is one thing I never understood which way you should rotate the fans. One way during winter months and the opposite way in the spring and summer.

It’s November.  The official start of winter is 6 weeks away.  For homeowners with ceiling fans, let this be a reminder to reverse your units’ blade rotation.

Watch this 2-minute video for a hands-on demonstration of changing the direction of your ceiling fans, plus a clever test using ordinary tissue to see if you’ve done it properly.

In the cooler months, the blades of a ceiling fan should be set to rotate clockwise.  It forces warm air at the top of a room to recirculate downward into the “living space”.  Proper blade rotation can change a room’s “feel” by 8 degrees or more, allowing for more modest settings on a home thermostat.