One Reason Why Mortgage Rates Are Back To All-Time Lows???

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Home affordability improved this week after the Federal Reserve released its November 3-4, 2009 meeting minutes.

The FOMC Minutes is a companion to the Federal Reserve’s post-meeting press release. It’s released 3 weeks after the Fed adjourns and details the internal debates that shape our nation’s monetary policy.

As compared to the press release, the minutes can be rather lengthy. November’s press release featured 428 words, the minutes offered 6531.

However, this extra level of detail shapes markets and mortgage rates.  With Wall Street unsure about the economy’s path, investors look to our nation’s central bankers for guidance.

The Fed has made several points clear:

  1. The economy shows tell-tale signs of improvement
  2. Unemployment threatens the recovery
  3. Inflation pressures are low, for now

Overall, the FOMC Minutes paint the economy as in a state of measured repair, and under tight federal surveillance.  Investors like this message and, as a result, stock and bonds markets are improving.

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If you haven’t checked mortgage rates lately, make a point to do that.  In the wake of the FOMC Minutes, conforming mortgage rates are now hovering near their all-time lows set exactly 1 year ago.