Get Your Knoxville Home Ready To Sell

How To Eliminate Home Odors Completely…..

With it being so important in today’s market being able to compete with all the homes for sale. Difficult home odors plague Knoxville homeowners.  Ground into rugs, absorbed into walls, and clinging to furniture, some smells are slow to fade, leaving lasting impressions on both guests and potential buyers. Often, that impression is unfavorable.

Do something about it.

In this 4-minute piece from NBC’s The Today Show, you’ll learn how to eliminate bad smells and prevent them from returning.  It’s all basic direction, too:

  • How to use the porous nature of wood to your advantage
  • How to remove get “smoke smell” out of a wall
  • How to improve a home’s air quality by cleaning carpets

For more serious offenses, the video covers in-home air purifiers, too.

“Smelly homes” are undesirable and can make your home less attractive to buyers.  Watch the video, follow the instruction, and declare your home an Odor-Free Zone.

Hopefully this helps with some useful suggestions to help you get your Knoxville Area home ready to go on the market. If you have need any help or suggestion feel free to call me at 865-675-8326 or email