3 Reasons Knoxville Home Buyers Should Buy Now!!

Opportunity is Knocking Right Now For Knoxville Home Buyers…..

Well it is the Christmas and Holiday season and most people think well I’m going to buy a house but I don’t want to fool with it right now. With Christmas and everything I will wait until after I get the Holiday’s behind us. Then the next thing you know it is the end of January then…It is cold we will wait until spring and the next think you know it is March..

That is what most people are thinking right now and I can give you 3 very good reason you should buy now!!!!

Reason #1  No Competition!!

Everyone is setting on the side lines right now. Sitting back and going to wait until after the Holidays then into January it will be mid February before most buyers start thinking about buying again. For the smart home buyers that buy now that means NO COMPETITION for you. You will be in charge of the price and terms on the house you buy. The sellers who are selling now are MOTIVATED. Which means you will get better price and terms because of less COMPETITION….

Reason # 2 Lot’s Of Choices!!

There are plenty of homes to choose from in all price ranges all over the Knoxville Area. I was showing homes in the West Knoxville Area the other day in the $250,000-$270,000 range and their was no shortage of inventory for my buyer. Get out there and take advantage of the inventory of homes for sale in Knoxville. You will be able to find a home and great a great price on it…

Reason #3 Interest Rates Are Low!!!

Right now the rates are around 5% or lower….That is where they were at their low point earlier this year. Rates bounce around all the time and with all the uncertainty in our current economy why would you wait???

Considering these 3 things now is a time when you can get a GREAT DEAL and should jump into this market feet first and find a new home. If you want to make your home search easy and hassle free take advantage of my Buyer411 program. Cost is FREE and it will make your home buying process smoother

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