New School Proposed For West Knoxville

Knox County Schools are considering a new elementary school for West Knoxville. There are four different sites that the school board is considering…
Site 1 is the Northshore Town Center it is a 14 acre parcel just off Pellissippi Pkwy. Very convenient location.

Site 2 is Choto 1 which is a 15 acre parcel next to the new YMCA in Jefferson Park off Northshore

Site 3 is Choto 2 is on the south side of Northshore just west of Choto

Site 4 is Choto 3 is a 23 acre parcel on Choto near the intersection of Northshore

The growth in West Knoxville is going to be taking place in the Northshore and Choto area. That is where most of the land is available and where further growth is going to be taking place in the future. The Northshore Town site is too close to many of the current schools and would require further busing of the students. Personally I like the 3 other choices better. Of the 3 Choto choices I think Choto 1 or 3 are the best.

Both Choto 1 and 3 have positive and negatives to them. Choto 1 already has the infrastructure in place and would be a savings to Knox County Schools in construction cost. It is a smaller parcel and future growth would be limited.  Choto 3 is a larger parcel and would give the school system room to grow in the future.  But it would be more costly up front in bringing in the infrastructure and expanding the road area.

Just of couple of my thoughts on what the school board may be thinking. We will see what they decide over the next several months. There was a nice article and vidio in the paper the other day. click here for the details