Check Out ROUXBARB In West Knoxville

I decided to plan a special night out for Valentines Day with Leslie. So I got on and starting doing some research on some different restaurants to try out. I came across ROUXBARB at 130 South Northshore in West Knoxville.

The menu has a variety that is just outstanding like Hunter’s Rabbit and Smoked Breast of Duck. They had a special the night Leslie and I went there Halibut with King Crab. It was highly recommended by our server so we had it and it was outstanding. Chef Bruce Bogartz is the chef and he does and outstanding job along with his staff. They really take the time to prepare the food and you can tell once you dine with them. One other thing we really liked about our experience there was being able to bring our favorite bottle of wine.

Last but not least is the desserts WOW what a way to finish off a great meal. We split a chocolate mousse to finish our meal off but there where lots of choices

If you are looking for a different dining experience that is truly amazing check out ROUXBARB I know we will be going back again because we truly did enjoy our dining experience there.