How To Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

If you are challenged like I am around the house. I’m always looking for little tips on “How TO” do easy things like replacing and air filter.

Replacing a home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) air filter is one way to keep the unit’s motor running right.  It’s an oft-forgotten part of keeping a well-run home. And, it’s simple, too.

In the two-minute video above, you’ll learn how to replace an air filter from start-to-finish.  There’s no need for tools and no need for experience — the job is about as basic as home maintenance jobs come.

Air filters should be changed at least quarterly but it’s okay to change on a monthly rotation, too — especially if your home has shedding pets, or is under construction or repair. Just remember that not all air filters are created equal.

In this famous video, we see how $0.99 filters can fail to get the job done. Spending $10-15 for a filter that works is a better idea.

Save money by buying in bulk.