7 Steps To Have A Successful Knoxville TN Short Sale

In order to help a distressed   homeowner avoid foreclosure. One option is a Short Sale of their  home. My experience has shown me there are 7 things you need to do as a Realtor to get the home sold and closed. By following these 7 steps it has help my sellers avoid foreclosure and get their home sold

The 7 Steps to a successful Knoxville Short Sale Are as follows…..

  1. The Short Sale Packet with information “About The Property”
  2. The Short Sale Packet with information “About The Seller/Borrower
  3. The Short Sale Packet with information “Liens and Closing Information”
  4. The Short Sale Packet with information “About The Buyer”
  5. Submitting The Short Sale Packet To The Lender or Lenders and Following Up
  6. Working with The Negotiator
  7. Closing The Deal

Over the next 7 posts I will breaking down each of these 7 parts of a Short Sale. I will share with you in depth just what needs to be done in order to have a Knoxville Short Sale close successfully.

Knoxville Short Sales are just one of the many options available to Knoxville Area Homeowners who may be facing foreclosure on their homes. These are tough times and very difficult transactions that are tough for untrained Realtors to get closed. You need a well trained professional to advise you on all your options. The CDPE designation helps me do just that in advising Knoxville Homeowners who are having trouble making their mortgage payments and may be facing foreclosure.

If you are a Knoxville homeowner having problems making you mortgage payments and want to know your options. Please feel free to download my free reports

You do have options as a Knoxville homeowner who may be facing foreclosure. Don’t let your home go to foreclosure call me at 865-675-8326 or email me Rick@KnoxvilleHomeSaver.com let’s setup a time to talk about your situation and talk about your options. I’m here to help you as a trained Realtor with the CDPE designation I can help you…