Relocate America’s Top 100 Places To Live..Knoxville TN Does It Again!! (2010 Edition)

Relocate America Top 100 Places To Live

Relocate To Knoxville TN BIG Orange Country!!

Once again just like we did in 2009 Knoxville TN was picked by Relocate America as one of the BEST Places to Live

Relocate America recently released its 2010 list of Top 100 Places To Live In America. The rankings are topped by some cities you may expect, and some you may not.

According to Relocate America, the rankings highlight communities “moving in the right direction”, defined as having a combination of strong leadership, job opportunities, improving real estate markets, recreational options and a good quality of life.

It’s not a bad formula and topping the list of Top 100 Places To Live In America is Huntsville, Alabama.  Huntsville was chosen for its low levels of unemployment, stable housing stock, and low cost of living.  Last year, Huntsville placed fifth on the Relocate America list.

The Top 10 cities in which to live, as selected by Relocate America are:

  1. Huntsville, AL
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Austin, TX
  4. San Diego, CA
  5. San Antonio, TX
  6. Tulsa, OK
  7. Charlotte, NC
  8. Raleigh, NC
  9. Boulder, CO
  10. Minneapolis, MN

View the complete Top 100 Places To Live In America 2010 list at the Relocate America website.

There are a lot of things to consider when you may be relocating to a new city. A few of them are climate, quality of life, employment opportunity’s. I think Knoxville has them all to offer to people. You have a mild climate with four seasons. Great quality of life with plenty of things to do. Easy access to water and mountains. Vibrant economy with a strong employment base. And of course “How Bout Them VOLS”

If you are thinking about relocating to Knoxville TN give me a call at 865-675-8326 or email me My family and I relocated to Knoxville TN a few years ago and just love it here. Knoxville is a GREAT Place to work and raise a family