One Reason To Move To Knoxville TN….

West Knoxville is a Great Place to Live…..

My family and I relocated to Knoxville fours years ago from Toledo, Ohio. Part of the reason we moved to the area was because Leslie’s family lived here and we wanted to be closer to them. But another reason was the beauty of  the water ways and the access to the water on the many lakes and rivers in the area. We like to go out on the Lake Loudon on the weekends and just go off on the many coves on the river. Once you get off in a cove it is fun just to anchor your boat and relax. You can read a book and enjoy the day.

It is also fun to take a noodle or float and just be in the water and relax and talk with the people you are with on the river. In being out on the water in the summer we discovered a secret society over the summer months. These secret societies are located all over the US. But we discovered the local chapter of the “West Knoxville Red Neck Yacht Club”.

What a great time people have being out on the river and enjoying the summer months. If you go off into any cove you will find boats rafted off each other. People in the water floating and talking to each other. Everyone waves to their fellow “West Knoxville Red Neck Yacht Club” members and everyone has a GREAT time.

We enjoyed our summer months going to different coves on the river and visiting with the many different boaters. If you are out on any of the water ways in the Knoxville Area you can find different chapters of “The Red Neck Yacht Club”. You will find them all to be friendly and will welcome you to join them.  Just wave and say “Hey” and you will make some new friends.

I know there are many chapters of “The Red Neck Yacht Club” we are members of the West Knoxville Chapter and hate to see summer coming to an end. But we know next summer will bring more chapter meetings for us.

If you are moving to the Knoxville Area or considering it give me a call I would love to help you. Got questions just let me know Knoxville is a great place to live and raise a family. You can call me at 865-696-9002 or email me Would love to help you out