SpatialMatch Is Available On The Big Orange Press

I have always want to provide the visitors to my site and enjoyable experience so they keep coming back on a regular basis. I have just added a new  feature for you call Spatial Match. SpatialMatchSpatial Match gives you much more than just your typical home search.

Lifestyle Search

I have learned over the years that people don’t buy a home they buy an area that fits their lifestyle. SpatialMatch’s lifestyle filters enable searching that let’s a Knoxville home buyers visually understand the relational perspective between the houses they are interested in and neighborhood that best matches their lifestyle.

Home Values

While researching areas you can also find out what homes have been selling for in different areas. You may be searching in several different subdivisions while looking at homes you can see what others have sold for around you. In the near future we will be adding all the information from the court-house records. This is currently being added and we hope to have that feature available in the near future for you.

Hyper-Local Search

You can define right down to certain streets or subdivisions you are interested in and save those in your personal favorites. That way if something changes in those areas you will find out about it.

I’m excited to add this for my users because it bring a lot of information to help you in your home buying process in one place. You can get a lot of this information now on the internet. But the problem is you need to go to several different websites to get it. Now you can get it all in one place with SpatialMatch on TheBigOrangePress. It is going to be evolving and changing so check back often.

Check Out SpatialMatch on just click on the blue tag on the left of your screen when you login onto my site

If you need any help buying or selling right now give me a call would love to help you out with your housing needs 865-696-9002 or email me