Do Short Sales Really Work In Knoxville??

The current housing market we are experiencing in Knoxville is the most interesting I have every seen in my real estate career of 30 plus years. The problems we are experiencing are because of the bureaucrats in Washington tinkering  with things and messing things up for us. They are always trying to help us out by passing laws that don’t solve anything but just make things worst for us. One of the reasons I got my CDPE designation was so I could better understand the solutions available to homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

Recently Alan Charfen CEO of  The CDPE organization was on CNBC with Howard Glaser a former HUD secretary to Andrew Cuomo. They where talking about the housing market and short sales. Mr. Glaser is a perfect example of the problems we face with bureaucrats who don’t get it and slowing down the housing recovery. He basically said short sales don’t work and you can’t get them done. I guess he should explain that to the 27,000 plus CDPE who are getting them done. My team and I are getting them done here in Knoxville. We have had lots of successful short sales in Knoxville.

Don’t listen to the media and Realtors who are not experienced at helping people who are in trouble with their mortgage payments. There are solutions for you other than foreclosure and people who can help you. All you need to do is reach out for help to get your problem solved. If you are a Knoxville Homeowner having problems keeping up with you mortgage call me 865-696-9002 or email me I can help you avoid foreclosure.

Take a second and watch Alan as he leads the charge to help troubled homeowners around the country. After watching this short video you will realize our problems come from Washington not the solutions. We will solve this problem on homeowner at a time.