Finding Your Knoxville Real Estate Deal..Part 1

Finding Your Knoxville Home DealThe other day I wrote a post called “Knoxville Real Estate Deals What Yours?” It had to do that most buyers today are looking for a “deal,” but that means different things to different people as I point out in the post.

Today, I’m doing the first of 3 posts on how to help you determine, find and close your “deal.”

Determining your “Knoxville Real Estate Deal” …I think if you spend sometime determining what is important to you it will make your search simple and much more enjoyable. All you need is a pad of paper and I will share with you the questions I use to help my buyers determine what is important to them in finding their “deal.” Remember this is personal decision it is a big financial decision and monetary commitment on your part so take sometime in doing some pre-planning and you will have a successful out come.

Here are a few questions…..

What do you want? Determine the type of housing you want to buy. Do you want a single family? How about a Condo or a PUD?

What does the home have to have? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do you need a garage? 1 or 2 car? Basement? Master on the main? How big 1500, or 2500 sq ft ? Just give some thought on what your wants desires and needs are in a home.

How much work do you want to do? Foreclosure or short sale? Some need alot of work…New Kitchens, roof , plumbing etc. Do you want to do that much? Can you handle some decorating? Paint and Carpet…Homes are an expensive investment determine a budget and how much your budget can handle.

Where do you want it to be located? Do you need to be within a certain driving distance to work? Want to be in the country with no neighbors? Want a neighborhood with a pool? Location is an important factor when determining were to buy a home decide were you want to live. That way you can fine tune your home search to just the areas that are important to you.

Get Approved For A Loan? Find a loan officer you are comfortable with and setup a time to discuss your MIG_big_logofinancing options. There are many choices out there and a good loan officer can help you determine the best program for you. Need help finding someone? Ask friends and family for recommendations. I personally would suggest Daren Poppen at Mortgage Investors Group apply on line or call him at 865-936-3965 or email him

Find A Realtor… This is important to find someone you are comfortable working with in finding a home. Ask friends and family members for a referral for someone. Setup an interview to meet them make sure they have the time and patience to help you. One crucial area is taking your time to become educated with the market so you make the right purchase for you. There is an old saying you will know it when you see it. I find this all the time it doesn’t matter if it is your 1st..2nd or 10th home people always know it is the right home when they walk into it. It will feel right to you.

Above is what we do with our buyers in a strategy session as we call it. If you need help finding a home and would like to setup a strategy session, call me at 865-696-9002 or email me

Happy House Hunting!