BOA To Increase The Amount Of Short Sales 60-70%

Recently, CDPE author and Charfen Institute CEO Alex Charfen hosted an exclusive broadcast with Bob Hora,CDPE Logo

Senior Vice President of Mortgage Servicing at Bank of America Home Loans.

Bob Hora provided insight into Bank of America’s evolving approach to managing their distressed mortgage portfolio, which includes plans to increase short sales by as much as 60 – 70% next year. To achieve this increase, Bank of America is improving their short sale process and implementing a number of new programs to help both homeowners and agents.
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In CDPE’s newest report, we detail the information covered in the broadcast, such as Bank of America’s new community outreach campaigns and homeowner transition guides. You’ll also learn how increases in manpower and improvements to Equator will effect you, the agent, and the homeowners you serve.