West Knoxville Home Buyers and Sellers: Factors the Affect Home Value

WestKnoxvilleHomeValuesWhether your buying a home in West Knoxville or considering selling your West Knoxville home, home value is a significant factor in the process. For sellers, you want to make sure your are pricing your home at a price that is attractive to buyers, but also making sure you are getting the profit you deserve. And for home buyers, you want to make sure you are purchasing a home that will maintain value throughout future years.

There are many obvious factors that affect your West Knoxville home value, things like the location, the condition of the home, improvements made to the home, and the current real estate market.

But, what about the not so obvious factors that have just as much influence over the price of your West Knoxville home? Read on below to see some odd factors that influence home value that you may have not considered.

Your home sticks out like a sore thumb. Does your home  not blend well with the rest of the neighborhood? Is it significantly different in style or size? You want to your West Knoxville home to stand out, but in a good way, having it be consistent with other homes in the area. More than likely, painting your home a bright color or lining the driving way with statues is not the way to achieve this.

Or, your eccentric neighbor’s home sticks out like a sore thumb. Are the neighbors always parking their trailer in the driveway? Or, does the clutter from their home trickle out from the garage and practically into the street? Any of these things can negatively affect the value of neighboring homes, so beware of neighboring homes when you are either buying or selling a home.

Your West Knoxville home is lacking an additional bedroom, bathroom or family room. In comparison to other homes in your neighborhood, are you missing one of these rooms? If most of your neighbors, 4 bedrooms, so should you. In this instance, conformity pays. Home values are influenced by homes around them. If yours is lacking something that is considered a “standard” feature for other homes in your neighborhood, the price of your home could take a hit when you decide to sell.

The style of your home is inconsistent. Home renovations are great, but you want to make sure your consistent, otherwise the renovations might not be worth it. If you’re going to upgrade kitchen counter tops, consider updating the appliances, particularly since a kitchen can be a key point in selling your West Knoxville home. The key here is that your want to to make you don’t just go half way with renovating a room, if you’re going to renovate a room, make sure it is consistent throughout the room, not just in a few features.

Are you considering buying or selling your West Knoxville home? What concerns do you have about home values? Please let me know if there is anyway that I can assist you, feel free to give me a call at 865-69-9002 or send me an email. I would be more than happy to assist your in anyway that I can.