Sell Your West Knoxville Home: Cut The Clutter

messyhouseIt’s like your mother told you: a clean home is a happy home. It is also a West Knoxville home that will have much better selling power. Clutter can be very distracting to buyers looking at your home. If you’re thinking about selling your West Knoxville home in the near future, here a few tips to help you cut the clutter.

Take it slow. There’s not humanly way you’ll be able to get all your cleaning and organizing in one day. Start slow, pick one room, closet, or cabinet to start with. Set some time aside and move to other areas of your West Knoxville home. It can be overwhelming process, but by giving your self to the time you won’t end up getting rid of something that you’ll regret later.

Make up a system. Clutter can collect easily, so having a system in place before it starts to pile up can stop the problem before it starts. Have a specific place where the mail, bills, and other random paper work goes, that way there is a sense of organizations. Stick to the system and the clutter won’t pile up.

Rein it in. Clutter can take on a life of its own and take over your West Knoxville home. Use bins, baskets, drawer organizers and boxes to rein the clutter in. Bring organization to the chaos. Stores like Target, World Market, and Bed Bath and Beyond offer a wide selection of organization options that can be fashionable and functional for organizing your West Knoxville home.

Purge what you don’t use. Purging can be one of the hardest aspects of organizing your West Knoxville home. It an be hard to get rid of items that you are afraid you may need in the future. Still, it is important to get rid of items you don’t use on a regular basis and that are just taking up space. Purge all items you haven’t used in the past year to six months.

Are you selling your West Knoxville home? What are you doing to get it market ready?