Sell Your West Knoxville Home – 3 Reasons To Use A REALTOR®

FSBOPreparing to put your West Knoxville home on the market requires a great deal of preparation and planning. One of the many decisions that West Knoxville sellers have to make is whether or not to use a REALTOR® to help sell their home. For some West Knoxville sellers, the decision to try and seller their home on their own is an easy one. After all, if they sell it on their home they avoid paying a REALTOR® commission and save themselves quite a bit of money. But, what about the benefits of using a West Knoxville REALTOR® to seller your home?

A REALTOR® will be able to help get you the best price for your home. According to data from the National Association of REALTORS®, sellers who use a real estate professions make 16% more on the sale of their home than sellers for who do a for sale by owner.

A REALTOR® will be able to guide you through the process. At first, selling your home on your own may seem simple. Put a sign in the yard, put an ad on CraigsList, and wait for the phone to ring. If it were only that simple. A REALTOR® will be able to help you set a realistic price for your home and will be able to help you negotiate a contract that best fits your needs.

A REALTOR® will be able to market your home effectively. While there are a large number of websites, like, that allow FSBOs to list their home for free or at low cost, these websites are not as far reaching as the local MLS. In order to have your home listed in the MLS, you must be using a  REALTOR® to list your West Knoxville home. The local MLS is the first place local real estate professionals and many buyers go to search for homes in the West Knoxville area. Wouldn’t your home among the many homes being searched? In addition, real estate professionals are in the business of knowing how to successfully market and photograph a home in order to get it to sell as quickly as possible.

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