Buying Your First West Knoxville Home – Making An Offer.

Property-Management-Importance-Written-Oral-AgreementsThere is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect West Knoxville or Farragut home that you want to make an offer on. With housing inventories shrinking and home prices rising, many real estate markets have become more and more competitive for home buyers. This means, when it comes time to write and offer on the perfect West Knoxville or Farragut home, you’ll want to make sure that you write them an offer that the seller absolutely cannot refuse. Here are few tips to help make the process easier.

Offers really come down to two key parts: the price and the terms of the contract. Ultimately, the price is the biggest component that seller’s consider, however, contingencies can help make or break the deal. The terms of the contract can be any of the following:  buying the home “as is” or requesting repairs, number and length of contingencies, how the home is being purchased [cash or financing], close date, and if buyer is requesting seller pay closing costs.

During the time when you are writing an offer and negotiating the contract, your REALTOR® is a great resource. Ultimately, the terms and price in the contract are your decision, but they can be there to help advise you on certain things. As someone in the business of buying and selling homes, your REALTOR® will know the norms for choosing a competitive price and what contract terms are typical. Also, they will be there to make sure you best interests are protected throughout the process.

One very important thing to remember when writing an offer on a West Knoxville or Farragut home is to truly take into consideration the terms and price of your contract. If you truly love a home, you don’t want to upset a seller and have them refuse to negotiate with you just because you wrote a ridiculously low offer. You deserve the best price possible, but consider the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to request anything ridiculous.

Finally, it is important to no get emotional and have a good Plan B. While it can be hard to have an offer rejected, its not something to be taken personally or get upset about. There are many great homes for sale in West Knoxville and Farragut. Not all offers get accepted, which is why that it is so important that you have  a Plan B. Is there another house you looked at that you saw potential in? There are other great homes out there. If that particular home wasn’t meant to be for your

In Part V of this series, we will look at a few final words of wisdom about becoming a first time homeowner.

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