West Knoxville Homes For Sale – 3 Selling Points Sellers Fail To Mention

Henry-Carly_post 4_photo 1In a day and age where most buyers start their West Knoxville home search online, there are certain aspects of a home that always get mentioned, like a great kitchen, private backyard, or “like new” condition. Oftentimes, there are certain selling points that sellers fail to mention because they  may not seem as great of a selling point as a great kitchen or private backyard. When it comes to selling your West Knoxville home, there are no selling points not worth mentioning, particularly if most other seller fail to mention it.

Here are a few ideas that you may forget to accentuate when selling your West Knoxville home.

One big thing that sellers fail to accentuate aspects of their home that apartments don’t have. Particularly, if you are selling in a price range where a lot of first time home buyers are buying. First time buyers are likely in a renting situation and are looking to explore the benefits of owning a home, so be sure to accentuate what your home has to offer. Large closets, private backyards, and lots of storage space are all things that would be attractive to first time buyers.

Also, be sure to mention  the additional features of your home that others in your neighborhood may not have. Are you a short walk from the community pool? Is your West Knoxville home located on a cul-de-sac with little traffic? Do you have a large backyard than most? These are all things that you may give little thought to, but to a buyer that is looking in a particular area, these could be all things that increase the selling power.

Finally, don’t fail to mention the customized aspects of your home that make it great, like built in shelving, finished storage areas, or walk-in closets with lots of customized aspects. Buyers are always curious of how their stuff will fit into their new home, so these aspects are appealing. Customized aspects of a home can be a huge draw, especially if they make storing things easier.

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