Tips To Keep Your West Knoxville Home Safe When You’re On Vacation

imagesSummer time is almost here. If you’re like most West Knoxville residents, you’re probably planning on going on vacation for a few days this summer.  Wherever you travels will take you, before leaving town, be sure to follow these tips to help keep your West Knoxville home safe while you’re on vacation.

-Ask a good friend, family member, or neighbor to keep an eye on your West Knoxville home while you’re on vacation. Little things like a few days worth of newspapers piled up on the porch or your trash can sitting by the curb, can signify to intruders that you’re away. Have the friend or family member stop by daily to check on the home, so it’s not obvious you’re away.

-Be careful what you post on social media. Twitter and Facebook statuses can have a farther reach than you imagine. You can be having a fabulous time at the beach, just be careful who you’re sharing the message with. You could accidentally inform a “friend” that you’re away.

-Be sure to secure all your windows, doors, and pet entrances in your West Knoxville home before leaving for vacation. While these things can be easy to forget, double checking is well worth the extra effort.

-Timed lights and motion detectors can help keep your West Knoxville home safe as well. Light timers can be purchased at a local hardware store for a reasonable price. Having lights go on and off can make it appear that you are home, and can deter thieves. Motion detectors can deter them as well.

-Finally, while you’re away from your West Knoxville home, be sure you keep your house from looking vacant. Things like having a house sitter, stopping your mail and newspaper, along with keeping lights on, can all make it appear like you’re home. Whatever you choose, making your home appear like someone is home will help keep a home safe.

Where will your travels be taking your this summer? What do you do to help keep your West Knoxville home safe while you’re on vacation?