3 Farragut Home Maintence Tips To Save You Money And Keep You Safe

simple-fixThere are a lot of great things about owning a Farragut home. Still, owning your own home comes with its fair share of work. If you don’t properly preform routine maintenance on your Farragut home, you could end up with costly repairs, or, even worse, an unsafe home. Here are three home maintenance tips to help save you money on your Farragut home and keep your home safe.

Make A Habit Of Change Alarm Batteries.

Most spoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors having a really annoying way of reminding us to change their batteries. (If you’ve ever had the pleasure of waking up to a smoke alarm chirping at 3 a.m. before a big day of work, you know what I mean.) It can be best to get in the habit of changing batteries before they are almost dead. How often do you go to change the batteries only to realize you don’t have the batteries on hand? It can be extremely unsafe to go without a working smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. Get in the habit of changing batteries in your Farragut home twice a year, so that having batteries on hand isn’t an issue. Change them when the time changes, around your birthday or based on some other time of the year that you will remember to change them.

Take Care Of Easy Repairs When They Happen.

Life can be crazy, so it can be easy to just ignore basic home maintenance in your Farragut home. When the faucet starts to leak or the toilet starts to run, it can be easy to put off those easy repairs. Letting those things go can cause an increase in your water bill, so its best to fix a little leaky faucet before it adds up into a big bill. As a homeowner, it is important that you have a basic tool kit handy. If you’re unsure of how to make the repair, consider getting the help of friend or family member to help you out.

Know How To Turn Of The Electricity, Water, And Gas In Your Farragut Home.

In the case of an emergency in your Farragut home, it can be essential to know how to turn of the electricity, water, and gas in your home. Turning off the gas or electricity in your home is usually the most crucial in the case of an emergency, water can still do its fair share of damage. Be sure you know how in the case of an emergency.

What maintenance are you sure to do on your Farragut home? Leave a comment on this post and we may include your comment in a future post about Farragut home maintenance.