Avoid These Holiday Hazards In Your West Knoxville Home

Avoid Fire Hazards In Your West Knoxville HomeThe holiday season is in full swing. For most West Knoxville homeowners, this means decorating a Christmas tree, hanging lights on their house, holiday parties, and other holiday festivities. Unfortunately, the number of accidents at home increase during the holiday season. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were roughly 15,000 injuries involving holiday decorating during the months of December and November. Here are a few holiday hazards to avoid in your West Knoxville home during this holiday season.

Knoxville Holiday Hazard #1 – Ladders

Ladders are used for a lot of different things during the holiday season, everything from decorating Christmas trees and decorating the outside of you West Knoxville home. Ladders can be very dangerous if not used properly. Here are a few things to remember: be sure you’re using the right ladder for the job, the ladder is on even ground, and that you properly know how to use the ladder.

Knoxville Holiday Hazard #2 – Trees

Whether you opt to buy and artificial tree or real one, Christmas trees can be real fire hazards in your West Knoxville home. When buying a artificial tree, be sure to check it is “fire resistant,” this indicates it is much more difficult for the tree to catch fire. If your buy a real tree, be sure the tree is fresh and you keep it watered. Dried up trees tend to catch fire more easily. Also, be sure your tree is out of the way of major foot traffic and properly secured to ensure it doesn’t fall over and hit someone or something.

Knoxville Holiday Hazard #3 – Lights

Christmas lights can be a major fire hazard is precautions are not properly taken. Be sure to check the lights have been tested by a proper testing facility, like Underwriters Laboratories or Intertek. Before putting up lights, be sure to check for any frayed cords and broken light sockets. Finally, be sure that the lights fit the proper use that you will be using them for.

Knoxville Holiday Hazard #4 – Candles

The holiday season is a popular time where many people burn candles in their West Knoxville home. Be sure you keep an eye on candles that are lit. Also, be sure that candles are up and away from things that could easily set fire.

What do you do to keep your West Knoxville home safe from holiday hazards?