How To Protect Your Knoxville Home From Severe Cold Temperatures

360690958_07b522c683According to the most recent additions of The 2014 Old Farmer’s Almanac, this winter will be one of the worst in recent history, with record low temperatures and above normal snow fall. If the weather in Knoxville last week is any indication, The Old Farmer’s Almanac could be spot on this winter, and the Knoxville area could be in for more nasty winter weather. Here are a few tips to protect your Knoxville home from severe winter temperatures.

Keep The Cold Out Of Your Knoxville Home

Cold winter air can sneak into your Knoxville home is all sorts of ways. Be sure all doors and windows are properly caulked and sealed. Also, closing curtains and blinds can keep the warm air in your home. Thermal curtains can also help keep the warm air in your home.

Keep Pipes Freezing

The Knoxville area typically enjoys a milder winter than most areas of the country, which means water pipes don’t tend to be buried as deep. This can be problematic during freezing temperatures because pipes can freeze or burst. During cold weather, it is important to keep the heat on in your Knoxville home to help prevent freezing pipes. It can also be helpful to leave faucets on at a slight drip, the movement of water can help prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. Finally, opening up cabinet doors where plumbing is can also help warm air get to cold pipes.

Keep Your Heat A Consistent Temperature

During extreme cold weather like Knoxville saw last week, it is imperative that heating systems work. Heaters work overtime during cold weather to keep homes warm and it can be helpful to keep your home at a consistent temperature.

Be Careful With Space Heaters

During extreme cold weather, it can be easy to look to other sources of heat to stay warm in your Knoxville home. Space heaters can be extremely unsafe and cause fires if not use properly and left unattended.

Have Your Furnace Looked At

If it has been a few years since you’ve had your furnace looked at, it can be important to have it checked out for routine maintenance. When extreme cold weather hits the Knoxville area, furnaces work overtime and issues can be more likely. There is nothing more horrible that losing heat in freezing temperatures. Get the furnace in your Knoxville home inspected before it is an issue.

What did you do to protect your  Knoxville home from last week’s extreme cold? Did the cold do any damage to your Knoxville home?