West Knoxville First Time Buyers: What To Look For And What To Avoid

imagesLast year was a big year for many first time home buyers in West Knoxville. Many buyers had been waiting on the sidelines, but with the news of rising interest rates, many first time buyers finally making the choice to buy. Starting to look at West Knoxville homes for sale can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you’re one of the many first time buyers looking for a West Knoxville home, here are a few tips of what to look for and what to avoid in your home search.

First, it can be very helpful to start your home search off by doing your homework. It is possible to start your home search online (do it on our website at here). Doing a little pre-shopping prior to looking at West Knoxville home for sale, can be extremely beneficial for many home buyers. Also, if you’re unsure of the area, it can be helpful to drive by the home. By starting off doing your homework, you’ll have an idea of what homes are like in your price range and what areas you may find desirable. (If you haven’t been pre-approved, be sure to do so before your home search. This is a critical part of the home search process.)

Once you’ve done a little homework and you’re finally ready to go look at some West Knoxville homes for sale, be sure to look a little deeper. You may not be a fan of the bright paint or old decor, but if you like the overall structure of the house, don’t be too quick to right the home off. You can repaint and remodel, but you may not be able to find a awesome backyard.

Another key aspect to remember when home searching is not to be distracted by shiny objects. You may love the new appliance, great paint job, or killer kitchen, but if you don’t like the home as a whole, it may not be the right one for you. You can always upgrade a home, but you can’t change its overall layout or the location.

As a first time home buyer, it can be easy to forget about resale value when home shopping, but this is extremely important considering most buyers move in 5 to 7 year cycles. If a home has a bad layout, small bedrooms, or other things that other buyer would find unappealing, keep that in mind. If it is making you hesitate as a buyer, it will make other buyers hesitate when you sell. Also, consider what upgrades and fixes you may have to make in the home (a home inspection can help you with this). If major systems are going to need to be replaced in a few years, be sure the price takes those into account. You don’t want to have to be putting a ton of money into the house if you won’t see the return in your investment.

In addition to thinking about resale value, think about how the home will fit in your future. Will you need more space if 3 years? If so, think about the size and if the home will be able to accommodate. You also want to consider the location and amenities that come with the home and if it’ll fit your need in a few years. A downtown loft may seem great now, but is it something you will want in a few years?

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