How To Survive Showings On Your West Knoxville Home & Not Go Crazy


Ah, these can be one of the more trying points of selling your West Knoxville home. It can be difficult to keep your home “showing ready” at all times and have different people parading through your home, some of which lack the proper etiquette. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that your West Knoxville home with sell without them.

So, how do you survive showings on your West Knoxville home and still keep your sanity?

In a perfect world, showings would happen with a decent amount of notice. Unfortunately, that’s not always how things work in the West Knoxville real estate world. Showings can happen on little notice and it can be hard to say no. While this can be difficult and stressful as a seller, a positive attitude can go a long way. Just focus on the end game, whether it is moving to a new city or finding your new West Knoxville dream home.

Much of the stress associated with showings on your West Knoxville home can be alleviated with a little preparation. Prepare each day as if your have a showing on your West Knoxville home, so if a last minute showing gets scheduled you’re not frantic. There is nothing worse than trying to run home in the middle of the day to clean up dirty dishes or dirty laundry off the floor. Get into a routine where you make sure you leave the house each day with the home ready for showings. It’ll make the process a whole lot better.

Another thing that can make showings on your West Knoxville home less stressful is breaking down your list of chores. It can be overwhelming to find the time to mow the yard, weed flower beds, clean the floors,  dust the house, among the endless list of other daunting tasks to keep your West Knoxville home “showing ready.” Instead of trying to do it all in one day, break down the list into a few things everyday. It can make things less stressful and won’t eat up a whole day.

Finally, instead of seeing West Knoxville home showings as a inconvenience, use them as a time to get other things done. Next time showing gets scheduled, utilize the time to run errands, hit the gym or catch up with an old friend. By putting a productive and positive spin on things, it can make West Knoxville home showings a little less annoying. And finally, just keep in mind, its not a permanent situation. Your West Knoxville house will sell and it will all be a distant memory.

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