3 Common Mistakes West Knoxville Sellers Make When Selling Their Home

5985974767_78bf56d790_oFor many West Knoxville sellers, the process of selling a home can be a little overwhelming and unfamiliar. In some cases, West Knoxville sellers, due the the unfamiliarity of the process, can get tripped by the whole process and end up hurting themselves in the end. Here are 3 common mistakes that West Knoxville sellers make, and how to avoid them.

Common Seller Mistake #1: “My Home Should Be Worth X Because…”

When it comes to selling your West Knoxville home, what you think your home should be worth and what your home is actually worth are two different things. You may have put in a pool, updated the kitchen with $10,000 of upgrades, and have the best backyard on the street. Still, your home doesn’t always equal the sum of improvements. When it comes to making improvements, keep in mind your don’t get always get 100% return on investment.

Another common mistake West Knoxville sellers make is assuming that they will get they price they paid for it or more than they paid for it. In a perfect world, that would be the case, but that is not always true. Your West Knoxville home for sale is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.

How to avoid this: Keep an open mind when talking to your Realtor about price.  He or she will be able to provide you with comparable West Knoxville homes that have sold in your area or that are currently for sale. Based on these homes, he or she will be able to help advise you on a fair price for your West Knoxville home for sale.

Common Seller Mistake #2: Pricing A Home Too High From The Start

Another common mistake that West Knoxville sellers make is overpricing their home, so they have room to drop the price. While this logic may seem very smart to the average person, it’s not always the case when it comes to selling a West Knoxville home. If buyers feel a home is overpriced, they may not even both viewing the home or writing an offer on a home because they feel they won’t be able to negotiate on the price. In addition, homes that are fairly priced tend to get the most attention from buyers, thus more offers.

How to avoid this: Price your home fairly from the start. Your home will spend less time on the market and you’ll likely get a very similar price.

Common Seller Mistake #3: Getting Overly Emotional

As a seller, it can be very difficult not to take some things personally when selling your West Knoxville home. After all, your home is a place full of memories and you’ve prided yourself in taking care of it. Still, it can be difficult to not get offended if you get poor showing feedback or get a low ball offer.

How to avoid this: Throughout the process, it’s best to not take things to personally. Your house will sell and the selling process will be a long distant memory. In some cases, even low ball offers can sometimes end up getting countered to an acceptable price.

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