Why Hasn’t My West Knoxville Home Sold Yet?!

5985974767_78bf56d790_oFor anyone with a West Knoxville home for sale, there isn’t anything worse than lack of showings and no good, solid offers. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an easy answer for why a West Knoxville home hasn’t sold, but here are a few common reasons why homes struggle to sell.

Is The Price Right?

One large reason a West Knoxville home can struggle to sell is largely due to price. If the price isn’t right, you can turn a buyer off before they even look at your home. In some cases, a buyer won’t even want to look at a home because the price is too high and they feel like the sellers will leave no room to compromise.

Price is one area to reexamine closely if your West Knoxville home hasn’t sold. Sit down with your Realtor and take a took at homes that have sold in your area recently. Are they selling for less than your home is listed for? If so, you may want to reconsider the asking price on your West Knoxville home.

Does The Condition Of Your Home Leave Room For Improvement?

There are a lot of great homes for sale on the West Knoxville market. How does your home compare to those that are for sale? Look at your West Knoxville home through the eyes of a buyer. Typically, buyers do not want to have to completely give a home a facelift, unless of course a home is prices well enough to make it worth their while. A neutral paint job and deep cleaning can go a long way in helping your West Knoxville home sell fast.

Is It The Market?

There are certain times of year where the West Knoxville market slows down a bit. During the holidays in November and December, winter months, among other times of year can be a little bit slow. If you’re under the gun to sell your home at these times, you can either wait things out or consider lowing the price.

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